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Making sure you tie down your SEO Local Search with maps as well.

Many web developers and seo consultants do not take enough time to optimise the results of searches when using maps, this is becoming an increasingly more important aspect of your web strategy as more and more people use maps to search for local business's.
For this particular blog, I have used the example of my own site of Google.
As can be seen above using the search term "Organic seo Lancashire" there are only two results that come up. I could not believe it the first time I looked at the results and then started to ensure that my own content, both on and off my site that was linked to my location.
If you browse the using the web button, you will find that there are many more organic seo consultants that return results for Lancashire, that is until you click over to Maps, people are optimising for Local with images, but what truly makes you local is your mapping result! With the number of Apps using location, this is a critical aspect of your Local seo strategy.
To ensure that your content is optimised across all your platforms, make sure that rich snippet data elements are contained on your site and that the same address is mirrored across Google+, maps and Google Business, edit the map within Google business to make sure that it is the precise location.
Included in this strategy must be deciding on how big of a geographical area "Local" actually is. For us, it is about being Local with 20 miles of our location, next Local as within the county and then we also have a number of key terms and phrases for which we return national results.
It is the same strategy that we employed for a client of ours who is Local to Fort Lauderdale, needed to be found in Broward county as well as in South Florida as a geographic region, this was only achieved through rich snippet data in the on site and off site data elements as well as reinforced through the content headers.
It is a highly targeted element of SEO and is not a quick process, but well worth the effort. For more information or if you would like us to get your location tagged and flagged - drop us an email today.