Wild Fig Media

Organic SEO - Where to start

As one of the UK's leading Organic SEO agency, our focus is to improve rankings with a view to increasing your profit..
The name Wild Fig Media was birthed out of the tenacity of the African Wild Fig Tree that can grow in the most adverse of conditions. Our Organic SEO strategies and campaigns run seamlessly together to assist you in achieving optimal results for each and every one of our local, national and international clients in the most adverse of conditions.
Organic SEO can be likened to an ultra marathon not a sprint and is best suited to the companies who take the growth of their company seriously. Whilst some of the results can be achieved within weeks, the longer term growth and benefits can take from 8-18 months to achieve.
The focus on compliance with the Google webmaster guidelines and ensuring that you comply. Ensure that the technical aspects of your website structure and content are up to scratch and meet the requirements for global web standards.
Now you have resolved your web content management and content strategy and delivery platform, we can look at the content that you need it to deliver through the website and your social media platforms.
Google looks to rank websites that it sees as delivering content that is seen to be a platform for answers to the questions of the vertical market in which you serve.

Organic SEO - Local Search

The best way to ensure that your organic search is correctly configured for local search is to ensure that you have rich snippet data set up correctly as a local business and that you have set up your business through Google plus or Google business.

Organic SEO - National Search

Ensuring that you get national results is keep doing what you have been doing so on a larger scale and more regularly and above all ensuring that the content quality is consistent across all platforms.
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